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In the last half-century, significant advances have been made in directing sales force behavior with the use of optimization and decision models.

The business-to-business (B2B) sales function is expensive to manage and under increasing pressure to contain costs, yet at the same time represents an indispensable driver of revenue and growth for many organizations.

Thus, sales leaders often attempt to understand sales performance from an optimization perspective, aiming to increase sales output with low resource inputs

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Investing in a CRM, Project/Product Management platform, or just a Collaboration tool allowing your team to work together is not enough. It can sometimes be more destructive than productive.

We are getting more and more data, we innovate new ways of reaching the customers and make the sale, but sometimes, we miss out on the processes that ensure our team’s unity and focus.

Make this UNITY & FOCUS be the main desiderata for your team in 2021 and enjoy the increased revenue generated by this.

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With almost three decades of experience working for multinational companies, we cover a large variety of markets and company profiles. We specialize in product and service selling, mainly in the B2B markets.

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We follow a 5 step sales consulting process focused on your present reality:

  • Align: ensure that the goals and objectives of the sales improvement project are congruous with the company’s growth strategy and that the project is staffed with the talent and resources required to succeed.
  • Assess: identify the sales team’s current state, the ideal state, critical performance gaps, and then develop plans to realize desired outcomes.
  • Develop: transfer required knowledge of effective practices, methods, and tools required to attain the desired sales performance improvement goals.
  • Perform: raise mastery of effective practices by monitoring observable behaviors in the sales team, and reinforcing adoption and application in real-world selling situations.
  • Analyze: measure and evaluate the success of the initiative, and align organizational systems and practices to ensure ongoing success.

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The Sales Management Practices for any organization require much more than managing to a selling process. Too often, the “process” that people use to manage their teams is a little more than managing to a set of expectations and outputs required by the organization. Little structure is layered in at the Sales Manager level. We have found that the best-performing sales organizations see sales management as a business process that organizes and quantifies discrete actions, outcomes, and measures.

Our approach in sales consulting is highly collaborative. We build on what is already working and what we know from our experience will make it better. This approach reduces risk because it minimizes the amount that we need people to change.

From a simple list of projects to a complex CRM system capturing all the possible deals, here are some benefits of sales pipelines:

Sales Process Optimization

A few benefits of having well defined sales processes:

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Sales Process

We help define maps for success and improve the customer experience with the sales team. Prepare for increased win rates.

Sales Pipeline

A visible sales pipeline helps a team monitor its efforts and give an accurate picture of what needs to happen to boost its revenue.

Data Visualization

Data visualizations make big and small data more accessible for the human brain to understand, detect patterns, trends, and outliers.

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